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Miss Vinall - Headteacher

As a School Leader at one of London's highest performing Independent Specialist settings, as well as having her innovative curriculum programmes reported on in the National Press alongside consulting internationally on Special School development, Miss Vinall is an innovative and inspiring school leader.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to The White House School. I am exceptionally proud to be the Headteacher of our small, caring community of happy and engaged children, supportive parents and devoted staff. Having spent the last fourteen years of my career in special educational needs education, I am delighted to lead a values based, nurturing, holistic and mindful school, which serves to deliver a unique, memorable and successful learning experience for our children.

At The White House School we embrace a personalised approach to education, in recognition that our pupils will each have unique talents and learning profiles. We place emphasis on mindfulness and adopt this approach at the forefront of our provision. We provide a nurturing and holistic environment, promoting self-awareness, positive mental health and wellbeing and a curiosity for lifelong learning, alongside a dedicated ambition for academic success. Through individualised wrap-around learning, pastoral and therapeutic support, coupled with mindful approaches, we will ensure all pupils have a positive learning environment and the tools they need to be self-aware and self-regulated in order to make excellent academic progress, at their own personal level.


Our beautiful rural setting allows us to promote outdoor learning and a love of the natural environment. Our pupils benefit from mindful scavenger hunts and yoga in our gardens. We encourage our children to learn from the world around them and respect the beauty of nature.


We are thought leaders in special educational needs and mindful education. This is reflected in our curriculum offering, which has been carefully designed to place a balanced emphasis on academic success and personal development. We offer a specialist learning provision which emphasises the development of core academic understanding, encourages creativity, celebrates outdoor learning and promotes the growth of essential life skills. Our dedicated academic focus is balanced with consistent and specialist pastoral and therapeutic support, in order to nurture pupil’s self-esteem and social and emotional growth. We are committed to each pupil’s holistic development for them to reach their true academic potential.

Ultimately, we want our children to wake up each morning and feel happy and excited to come to school. We care deeply for our pupils. Their academic success, emotional wellbeing and personal development is at the heart of all that we will do at The White House School. As our ethos states, we aim for all our children to have ‘Healthy Minds and Happy Hearts’. When they leave us to join their senior setting, we hope they look back on their time with us with nothing but very fond and happy memories.

In order to meet the needs of our family-feel community, we have small class sizes of up to 8 pupils. If you feel that our school would be a fulfilling and appropriate setting for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our team. We hope to welcome you soon.

Miss Vinall


A picture of the headteacher

Our Goals

To provide inspirational learning experiences

Nurture, ambition and mindfulness

To grow and develop calming self-regulation

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