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New Growth

Our mission

The White House School offers a specialist learning provision which emphasises the development of core academic understanding, encourages creativity, celebrates outdoor learning and promotes the growth of essential life skills. Our dedicated academic focus is balanced with consistent and specialist pastoral and therapeutic support, to nurture every pupil’s self-esteem and social and emotional personal development, whilst promoting a lifelong curiosity for learning. We are committed to each pupil’s holistic education and for them to reach their true academic potential, in preparation for their senior school setting. We aim to provide inspirational and individualised learning experiences, placing pupils at the centre of their learning.

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Our mission is to encourage all pupils to adopt their own personal mindfulness practice, so that they learn to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing. We believe this is equally as important and the curriculum they follow in the classroom. The benefits of mindfulness for children with additional needs are vast. When coupled with mindful approaches, our individualised wrap-around learning and pastoral and therapeutic support ensures all pupils have a positive learning environment and the tools they need to be self-aware and self-regulated to make excellent academic progress, at their own personal level.

Our vision for our children, who all have additional needs, is to design and deliver our curriculum and extra-curricular activities around their needs. Inclusion is at the heart of our school community and curriculum framework. We aim to empower our pupils to recognise and harness their strengths, gifts and talents.

We aim to establish a safe, creative and vibrant environment where children feel challenged and supported in their learning; achieving high levels of wellbeing and academic success. We aim to nurture and develop mutual respect, tolerance, teamwork, perseverance, kindness and good manners. Our dedicated and talented team of staff inspire and motivate all children throughout their respective learning journeys. Personal achievements are valued, equipping each child to realise their potential. We promote a strong sense of community through kindness and compassion at a school, local and wider level. We believe deeply in the benefits of a strong home and school relationship, through regular communication and reporting on academic and social progress.

We have 3 core values at the heart of our educational model. These values can be seen throughout our school environment, within our learning spaces and are traits that we aim to inspire within our pupils.

  • Ambition

  • Nurture

  • Community

As a specialist setting we are committed to the rigorous and sequential learning journeys of our students. Some students will transition to mainstream setting for Key Stage 3 and some students will go on to our partner Secondary specialist settings.


  • Our pupils are ambitious about their learning potential and futures. We are committed to ensuring outstanding teaching and learning, via a personalised, thematic and thought-leading curriculum.

  • Our personalised curriculum allows all pupils to flourish at their own levels of attainment.

  • We encourage our pupils to have the courage to work outside of their comfort zones.

  • We aim to inspire a curiosity and passion for lifelong learning.

  • We empower pupils to make decisions about their learning, social and emotional journeys.



  • Our pupils are taught within a nurturing, mindful and holistic environment, which personalises learning and support to ensure all pupils reach their potential.

  • We adopt a holistic and mindful approach to education.

  • We nurture, protect and support pupils on their journey with us and prepare them for their next school setting.

  • We encourage and promote outdoor learning within our rural setting.

  • We integrate specialist intervention and therapeutic support alongside teaching and learning to provide an organic educational experience.



  • Our pupils are committed and caring towards their school, local and wider community.

  • We respect and care for each other, promoting a school family ethos.

  • We celebrate individual success with kindness to all our pupils.

  • We keep our school community safe and promote positive mental health and wellbeing so that our pupils thrive, develop and exceed, whilst feeling supported.

  • We believe that ‘Kindness is Key’ and encourage all pupils to display empathy and kindness towards each other.

  • Throughout our curriculum and daily interactions, we promote the Fundamental British Values and provide a fully inclusive school environment.

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